Two new interviews and a blog post

It’s been a busy week! The lovely Erik D’Souza interviewed me for Crime Writers of Canada about being a finalist for this year’s Excellence Awards. Here’s the link to the YouTube video: While you’re there, take a look around. Erik has interviewed many, if not most, of the finalists.

My local newspaper, High River Times, also interviewed me about the Excellence Awards. Dan Marcinkowski dropped into Margins Bookstore in High River, where my sister authors, Lorrie Morales and Linda Rakos, and I did a book signing.

The winners of the CWC Excellence Awards will be announced on May 29.

And finally, I was featured on Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine blog, Trace Evidence, as my short story, “Chuck Berry is Missing,” will appear in the next issue. I write about the importance of interesting characters in keeping readers’ interest.

CWC interviews me

Last week, Erik D’Souza of Crime Writers of Canada interviewed me about my CWC Award of Excellence-nominated novella, Identity Withheld. Erik is a lovely host and has done (and is continuing to do) a series of these interviews with CWC members. Here’s my interview:

He’s posted the series (nine at last count) on Facebook at Check it out if you want to hear from Linwood Barclay, Delee Fromm, Patricia Barnsley, Elizabeth Elwood, Melissa Yi, Noah Hendley, Rosemary McCracken, or Sam Wiebe.