Chuck Berry Is Missing

The July/August 2024 issue of Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine is out. It includes my short story, “Chuck Berry Is Missing,” featuring retired RCMP superintendent Stella Martin. I am showing an amazing amount of self-control here, folks. What I really want to do is shout it from the roof tops!

This is my third appearance in AHMM and I couldn’t be more pleased. The other stories in this issue are by: Vicki Weisfeld, Ken Linn, Janice Law, Joslyn Chase, Steven Sheil, Craig Faustus Buck, Tom Larsen, John H. Dirckx, Irette Y. Patterson, and John M. Floyd.

Two new interviews and a blog post

It’s been a busy week! The lovely Erik D’Souza interviewed me for Crime Writers of Canada about being a finalist for this year’s Excellence Awards. Here’s the link to the YouTube video: While you’re there, take a look around. Erik has interviewed many, if not most, of the finalists.

My local newspaper, High River Times, also interviewed me about the Excellence Awards. Dan Marcinkowski dropped into Margins Bookstore in High River, where my sister authors, Lorrie Morales and Linda Rakos, and I did a book signing.

The winners of the CWC Excellence Awards will be announced on May 29.

And finally, I was featured on Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine blog, Trace Evidence, as my short story, “Chuck Berry is Missing,” will appear in the next issue. I write about the importance of interesting characters in keeping readers’ interest.

“Training Run” launches on November 3

Time Travel Holidays: A Holiday Anthology, which includes my short story “Training Run,” is set to go live on November 3, wherever ebooks are sold. That said, the anthology is also included as a stretch reward in WMG Publishing‘s Kickstarter for The Holiday Spectacular.

This is how it works: Every day from November 23 to January 1, backers will receive one holiday-themed short story… a kind of fictional Advent calendar. Those who back it for a bit more will receive their choice of a number of excellent anthologies, including Time Travel Holidays. Check out the Kickstarter here.

You have until November 2 to take advantage of this great deal!.


I spent July and August in Montreal, looking after an injured family member. She has recovered nicely but I haven’t. I think Quebec was trying to kill me with heat and humidity…

So I didn’t get much writing done. I did have a story accepted by Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine (“The Boy”) but I don’t know when it will appear. And “Getting Back into Heaven” is due to be published in Black Cat Mystery Magazine before the end of the year.

I may not have fresh news of my own but my friend, Charlotte Morganti, is releasing The End Game, the first in her D.S. Gabrieli mystery series. I’ve read this novel (twice) and highly recommend it. If you’re anywhere in the vicinity of Gibsons, B.C. on Friday, September 15, drop into the Gibsons Public Art Gallery from 4:30 to 6:00 p.m. Pacific for the official launch. You can also buy The End Game here

You can visit her web site at and while you’re there, sign up for her always amusing newsletter.

Here’s the write-up:

Some promises are killers to keep.

Private investigator D.S. Gabrieli can name a hundred places he’d rather visit than Cheakamus, British Columbia. But a promise is a promise. The trip should be a cameo: check in, attend a christening, check out. Two days max. What could go wrong in two days?

When a burned body is discovered at a sabotaged mine site near the small town, and police finger his kid brother as their prime suspect, Gabe realizes he’s not getting out of Cheakamus quickly, or easily. His battle to save his recalcitrant brother’s neck pits Gabe against deceptive locals, a mountain’s secrets, and a cunning killer who ultimately threatens to destroy all Gabe cares about, and pushes him to his breaking point.

What can go wrong in two days? Everything.

I am so looking forward to the next in the series!