In the Christmas mood…

Every year, I try to write a Christmas short story because I love Christmas and, frankly, these Christmas short stories are the closest I ever get to being romantic. This year’s offering is set in the Mendenhall Mystery series. Here’s the blurb for “Trepalli’s Christmas”:

It’s Christmas eve day and Constable Marco Trepalli of the Mendenhall Police Department can’t wait to be off shift. He’s planning a big surprise for his girlfriend, Amanda. Something special. Something romantic.

Then a kid doesn’t return home after sledding and Trepalli forgets all about his plans in the mad scramble to mobilize search parties and interview the kid’s friends. And as hour after hour slips by with no sign of the boy, Trepalli braces himself for what could turn into the worst Christmas ever… for him and the kid’s family.;

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