In the spirit of the season, I’ve made my romantic Christmas short story, A Yukon Christmas, free for the month of December. You can find it here:

After her 20-year marriage ends, Beatrice finds herself in a cabin in the Yukon. For the first time in a long time, she’s happy. Or she would be, if her attractive neighbor and landlord, Henry Pekarik, didn’t try to help her quite so much.

And if you’re really in the Christmas mood, I have other short stories:

McKell’s Christmas:

Deputy Chief Rob McKell doesn’t trust Christmas. Bad guys don’t take time off during the holidays so why should he? Then the lovely Jillian, a gemologist with an independent streak, invites him to dinner on Christmas Eve for the all-important meeting of her friends. Soon, he starts to revise his feelings about the holiday—and his fear of long-term commitment. But before the evening ends, Jillian’s dangerous past will rear up to prove that Christmas is no time to let his guard down.

Trepalli’s Christmas:

It’s Christmas eve day and Constable Marco Trepalli of the Mendenhall Police Department can’t wait to be off shift. He’s planning a big surprise for his girlfriend, Amanda. Something special. Something romantic.

Then a kid doesn’t return home after sledding and Trepalli forgets all about his plans in the mad scramble to mobilize search parties and interview the kid’s friends. And as hour after hour slips by with no sign of the boy, Trepalli braces himself for what could turn into the worst Christmas ever… for him and the kid’s family.

Running Away from Christmas:

When Faith decides to escape Christmas and her friends’ matchmaking efforts by spending the holiday alone in the big city, she never expects to find Christmas waiting there for her.

Christmas Magic (collection):

In Christmas Magic, Marcelle Dubé sweeps the reader into cozy worlds of Christmas snow, wood stoves, and new romance… with a little mayhem thrown in. A collection of three romantic Christmas short stories (McKell’s Christmas, A Yukon Christmas and Running Away from Christmas) by the author of The Shoeless Kid and Ghosts of Morocco.

The Wronged Woman

My sixth (and maybe last) Mendenhall Mystery, The Wronged Woman, is now available for pre-order. It will launch on January 30, 2022. Here’s the blurb:

In less than a week, Chief of Police Kate Williams’ constable, Marco Trepalli, and her niece Amanda will marry. Before then, however, the two families will swoop down on Mendenhall and disrupt Kate’s quiet life.

The people, the noise, the inescapable chaos… Why couldn’t they just elope?

The discovery of a murdered woman in a canola field almost comes as a relief.

But it’s short-lived relief, because now Kate must investigate who killed the young woman while navigating the dynamics of both families. Not to mention the craziness that comes with weddings.

Then one of her constables becomes a suspect in the murder and things get even more complicated.

The sixth in the Mendenhall Mystery series, The Wronged Woman plunges readers into Mendenhall Chief of Police Kate Williams’ hectic life as she deals with an upcoming wedding and a murder that hits too close to home.

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Does that mean I’m a tourist attraction now?


Travel Yukon, the Government of Yukon’s official tourism arm, started the Yukon Book Club for people who can’t physically travel to the Yukon because of Covid-19. It features fiction and non-fiction books, classics and new releases, all of which connect to the Yukon in one way or another.

And now they’re featuring The Shoeless Kid, the first of my Mendenhall Mystery series. While Shoeless is set in the fictional town of Mendenhall, Manitoba, it was born in the Yukon—from the inspiration for the book to the name of the town, all Yukon. | | kobo | universal link

I’m thrilled that they wanted to include Shoeless, and I’m honored to be among these top Yukon writers! Here are the other books featured so far:

Cold Spell: Cocktails and Savouries for a Northern Winder by Michele Genest and Jennifer Tyldesley

From the Klondike to Berlin: The Yukon in World War I by Michael Gates

Gold Diggers: Striking it rich in the Klondike by Charlotte Gray

Nerve by Eva Holland

Strange Things Done by Elle Wild

The Call of the Wild by Jack London

The Caribou Hotel: Hauntings, hospitality, a hunter and the parrot by John Firth

Christmas readings

I love Christmas, even this year. I love it so much that I’ve actually written a few romantic Christmas short stories over the years. If you’re in the mood for some light (mostly light) reading, here are some short stories that might warm your heart.

A Yukon Christmas

Christmas Magic

McKell’s Christmas (A short Mendenhall mystery)

Running Away from Christmas

Trepalli’s Christmas (A short Mendenhall mystery)