Night Shift: A Mystery Collection

Night Shift collection-ebook coverMy first short story collection! Night Shift: A Mystery Collection features four of my mystery shorts, including two Mendenhall short mysteries, and one novelette, compiled for the first time. Of course, the stories are all still available separately. Here’s the list:

Night Shift: Driving back to Mendenhall late at night during a thunderstorm, Chief of Police Kate Williams stops to check out an accident only to find herself fighting for her life. A Mendenhall Short Mystery.

Lincoln City Blues: When a beautiful woman walks into the office of Anastasia Charles—aka Charlie—with a story about a violent husband and a kidnapped kid, Charlie’s private investigator instincts sit up and pay attention. With two grand on her desk, eight more when she finds the husband and the chance to be a hero and rescue a kid… how can Charlie say no?

The Priest: Chief of Police Kate Williams is a little irritated when Constable Trepalli calls her into a routine investigation of a break-in at the priest’s house. Then Trepalli shows her what they found on the priest’s bed. A Mendenhall Short Mystery.

Leduc: Leduc knows how not to get noticed, how to bide his time, how to hide what he does. He learned a long time ago, after his mother found the cats. Just a few more weeks, and he’ll have his military police badge. Then he’ll be able to do whatever he wants, whenever he wants… to whomever he wants.

There’s only one problem. Someone knows his secret.

Jules: A fall off a cliff, a nighttime attack… Is Jules imagining it, or did someone follow her to the Yukon from Colombia to finally finish her off? | kobo | barnes and noble | | smashwords

Nice while it lasted…

The Tuxedoed Man is no longer free. On some platforms, anyway, and soon on all of them. All is not lost, however. Falcon Ridge Publishing has decided to price it at $2.99 instead of the regular $5.99, in honour of the recent release of The Untethered Woman, the fourth in my Mendenhall Mystery series. So even if you can’t get Tuxedoed for free, you can still get it at a promotional price. Not a bad deal.


The Weeping Woman

The Weeping Woman My latest Mendenhall Mystery, The Weeping Woman, has just gone live! Here’s the blurb:

Mysterious crying in the middle of the night… a strange light climbing where there are no stairs…

Kate doesn’t like vacations—she’d much rather stay on the job as chief of police of tiny Mendenhall, Manitoba. But her niece Amanda has been working too hard at her fledgling catering company. So Kate rents a cottage in Gimli, a beach town on the shore of Lake Winnipeg. Things go awry when in the middle of the very first night they hear a woman crying from the cottage next door. When Kate checks it out, however, there’s no one there.

Unsettled, Kate and Amanda start looking into the strange events next door. Then a series of thefts and arson attacks in Mendenhall draw Kate back home. To her surprise, the investigation into the Mendenhall crimes and the Gimli mystery spiral ever closer to each other. Then Amanda disappears and Kate will have to use all her skills if she is to protect her niece and right historic wrongs.

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