Ghosts of Morocco now available!

Ghosts of Morocco is now up! It’s available as an ebook everywhere ebooks are sold, and will be available as a trade paperback in a couple of weeks. This one’s a bit of a departure for me — all my mystery novels in the past five years have been set in the Mendenhall world. This one is set in Morocco and the Yukon, and is not part of a series.

Morocco-POD cover_FINAL

Here’s the back cover blurb, in case you don’t have a magnifying glass:

Fifteen years after a traumatic event in Morocco, Hope Adler has reinvented herself as a cautious, dependable businesswoman back home in Canada. No more impulsiveness. No more risks. No more Wild Child. But when Meddur, the young son of her Moroccan friend, lands on her doorstep, running from murderous Berber radicals, she must reach deep into her past and bring back the Wild Child, because that’s the only way she and Meddur will get out of this alive.

Just as she thinks she’s found a safe place to hide the boy, Sam Walker, the bane of her youth in Morocco, suddenly appears. Can she trust him to help her keep Meddur safe? Or is he working with the radicals?

In a departure from her Mendenhall Mysteries series, Marcelle Dubé’s Ghosts of Morocco is a standalone novel featuring Hope Adler, a woman tormented by her past and willing to do anything to make amends. Ghosts of Morocco is a wild, exotic ride from the sands of Morocco to the deep snows of the Yukon.

Ebook: $6.99           Trade Paperback: $17.99  | | kobo barnes and noble | iBooks smashwords