Latest Mendenhall Mystery available for pre-order

I’m very pleased to announce that The Forsaken Man, the fifth Mendenhall Mystery, is now available for pre-order:

It’s been a long, hard winter and Mendenhall Chief of Police Kate Williams longs for a quiet Spring. With her deputy chief still recovering from an attempt on his life, the detachment is short-handed. Then someone steals a tank of valuable bull semen from a local vet and Kate’s constables scramble to investigate, leaving her to deal with a series of thefts and escalating vandalism at a construction site. And then there’s the whole Bert thing…

I had fun writing this one. It was a pleasure to revisit Mendenhall and spend time with Kate, Trepalli, McKell and the other constables. And I couldn’t wait to figure out what Kate was going to do about Bert.

If you’re curious, you can pre-order The Forsaken Man on Amazon or Kobo. The book will be released on November 15.