How to help a writer

The fourth Mendenhall Mystery is now available! It’s called The Untethered Woman, and I think it’s pretty good.

Well, I would, wouldn’t I?

If you’ve been reading the series and would like to help promote it, here are a few suggestions:

Buy the book. Or one of the books. Each book in the series reads well on its own, but is richer for having read the ones that came before. Untethered is only $5.99 for the ebook. The more people buy the book in the first month, the better chance the book has at being “discovered.” The print book will be available by the end of the month.

Leave a review. Reviews are gold. They help increase discoverability and let potential readers know if they might like to read it, too. If you liked the story (any story, really), leave a review where you bought it, or on Goodreads.

Tell someone. If you liked the book, tell someone who might be interested in it, too. Word of mouth is still the very best way of discovering a new author.

Talk to me. If something bugged you, even a typo, let me know. If you liked the book, you can tell me that, too.  🙂 You can connect via the contact link (above) or at marcelle.dube [at]

Share. Using social media is a wonderful way to spread the word. Here’s a suggestion for Twitter or Facebook:

When the unthinkable happens… The Untethered Woman, 4th in Mendenhall Mystery series now available |

Those are a few ideas for helping spread the word. Just in case you wanted to know.