The Wronged Woman

My sixth (and maybe last) Mendenhall Mystery, The Wronged Woman, is now available for pre-order. It will launch on January 30, 2022. Here’s the blurb:

In less than a week, Chief of Police Kate Williams’ constable, Marco Trepalli, and her niece Amanda will marry. Before then, however, the two families will swoop down on Mendenhall and disrupt Kate’s quiet life.

The people, the noise, the inescapable chaos… Why couldn’t they just elope?

The discovery of a murdered woman in a canola field almost comes as a relief.

But it’s short-lived relief, because now Kate must investigate who killed the young woman while navigating the dynamics of both families. Not to mention the craziness that comes with weddings.

Then one of her constables becomes a suspect in the murder and things get even more complicated.

The sixth in the Mendenhall Mystery series, The Wronged Woman plunges readers into Mendenhall Chief of Police Kate Williams’ hectic life as she deals with an upcoming wedding and a murder that hits too close to home.

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The Holiday Collections

I am so very pleased that my Christmas Magic: Three Romantic Holiday Tales is part of StoryBundle’s Holiday Collections. The bundle consists of 11 collections of holiday short stories ranging from sweet romance to horror. In all, there are 72 short stories, by very talented writers.

StoryBundle’s Holiday Collections

Dean Wesley Smith, the curator of the Holiday Collections bundle, says “Wow, is this bundle going to be fun. Fantastic writers and 72 different holiday short stories. That’s right. 72. And you can get all of them for one low price that works out to about 20 cents per story.” You can read his entire essay and check out each of the collections at

I’ve already started reading and you should, too. The bundle is available until the end of the month, then it disappears. Don’t wait–this is the perfect reading to get you in the holiday mood–whatever mood that happens to be.