Backli’s Ford: a review

Backli’s Ford, the first in my A’lle Chronicles mystery series, received a wonderful review from Amazing Stories columnist R. Graeme Cameron (who was recently inducted into the Canadian SF Hall of Fame). The review is quite thorough, touching on French/English relations in Lower Canada, not to mention the role the Catholic clergy played in the early days of the colony. The reviewer wraps it up in a lovely conclusion:

Backli’s Ford is an excellent and satisfying crime mystery with SF elements, as well as an intriguing commentary on English/French relations in Canada historically and metaphorically. If you enjoy both historical novels and mysteries that take the time to set up in-depth characters and passionately describe settings, you will enjoy this novel. I certainly did.”

This is especially pleasing to me as Backli’s Ford holds a special place in my heart.

Read the full review here. And don’t forget to visit the amazing Amazing Stories.

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