PLAGUE YEAR: An A’lle Chronicles Mystery


It’s done. Finished. Wrapped up.

Well, okay, only the first draft, but still, it has THE END actually written down.

Plague Year is the second in my A’lle Chronicles Mystery series and it’s been five years in the writing. Not that it actually took five years to write, you understand. I started it five years ago. In between then and now, I wrote four novels (The Untethered Woman, The Forsaken Man, Shelter, Ghosts of Morocco) and ten short stories. So I’ve been busy. But still… five years is a long time to have characters waiting impatiently for you to get back to them.

To the left is  the draft cover for Plague Year, though it may change before publication. I’ll announce here when Plague Year is available for pre-order. And, in case you’re curious, here’s the cover for the first in the series, Backli’s Ford. Here’s the write up for Backli’s Ford:

In the early 18th century, an A’lle generation ship crashed in the woods of Lower Canada. Survivors stumbled out of the wreckage to find French settlers working the land. While many of the colonists sheltered the injured A’lle, some reacted with fear and loathing. Two centuries later, nothing much has changed.

This is the world Constance A’lle, first A’lle investigator for Lower Canada, must deal with when she investigates the beating death of an A’lle boy in the small village of Backli’s Ford.

Set in 1911, Backli’s Ford follows Constance as she survives an ambush that would have killed a human, fights prejudice in the constabulary, and discovers a terrible secret that risks destroying the delicate balance that has endured for two centuries between A’lle and humans.

Now to get going on revisions…

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Laurie R. King coming to Victoria, B.C.!

The Canada West chapter of Sisters in Crime is organizing a one-day retreat in Victoria, B.C. on August 18. There will be five presentations for mystery/crime writers, including one by Laurie R. King, famous for the Kate Martinelli series, the Stuyvesant & Grey series and the Russell & Holmes series. I’m very excited to attend and look forward to meeting Ms. King!

Interested? See here.