Gumshoes Redux

If you like detective fiction, here’s a great deal. The Gumshoes Redux bundle from BundleRabbit offers 13 novels and one short story featuring “[a]mateur sleuths, women and men, willing to put themselves on the line to solve a crime or even a murder, police detectives working the case following the clues seeking justice for the victim, private investigators hired to solve a crime. Whether they be amateurs or professionals they all seek the same result, to make the world right once again and bring to justice those who threaten us all. These 14 writers invite you along for the ride to mystery and adventure. We hope you enjoy these stories and seek more books by these talented authors.”

Curated by Russ Crossley, Gumshoes Redux features stories by K.L. Abrahamson, Robert Jeschonek, Kevin J. Anderson, Rebecca Senese, Dean Wesley Smith, Harvey Stanbrough, Sherry D. Ramsey, Rita Schulz, Eugene Lloyd MacRae, Alison Naomi Holt, Michael Kowal, Russ Crossley, and me.

The bundle is available at BundleRabbit and everywhere ebooks are sold for $4.99. A great deal.