Latest Mendenhall Mystery available for pre-order

I’m very pleased to announce that The Forsaken Man, the fifth Mendenhall Mystery, is now available for pre-order:

It’s been a long, hard winter and Mendenhall Chief of Police Kate Williams longs for a quiet Spring. With her deputy chief still recovering from an attempt on his life, the detachment is short-handed. Then someone steals a tank of valuable bull semen from a local vet and Kate’s constables scramble to investigate, leaving her to deal with a series of thefts and escalating vandalism at a construction site. And then there’s the whole Bert thing…

I had fun writing this one. It was a pleasure to revisit Mendenhall and spend time with Kate, Trepalli, McKell and the other constables. And I couldn’t wait to figure out what Kate was going to do about Bert.

If you’re curious, you can pre-order The Forsaken Man on Amazon or Kobo. The book will be released on November 15.


Troll Country and Midwinter Run

I’ve been on a roll lately and have two new short stories to show for it. Well, okay, one of them is a long short story:

TROLL COUNTRY is the long one–really, it’s a novelette. Here’s the blurb:

What can you do when a fairy tale nightmare comes true?

Annie knows the troll is coming back for her and her sisters—and their children. But when she tries to convince her sisters that the danger they faced as children is returning, they can’t—or won’t—believe her. She is on her own.

As always, my stories are available everywhere ebooks are sold, including the following stores: | kobo | barnes and noble | iBooks | smashwords

And the second one is MIDWINTER RUN:

In the deep cold of a midwinter night, Annalise races through a frozen wilderness to bring her injured father to help. But when she stumbles across a pixie on the frozen river, she will have to face a band of angry Fey who blame her for the pixie’s death. If she leaves, she risks the wrath of the Fey—but if she stays to explain, she risks her father’s life. | kobo | barnes and noble | iBooks | smashwords