New Mendenhall Short Mystery

Crime and Mystery coverMy latest Mendenhall Short Mystery, “Home Run,” will be published in Flame Tree Publishing’s 2016 Gothic Fantasy Crime and Mystery anthology. Publication date is in August, but the book can be pre-ordered on Amazon. The anthology will be published in hardcover and as an ebook.

I’m also tickled to be in the same table of contents as Tony Pi, fellow Canadian and excellent writer.

Crime & Mystery Table of Contents:

The Cost of Security by Tara Campbell

Skitter and Click by Jennifer Dornan-Fish

Paperboxing Art by James Dorr

Home Run by Marcelle Dubé

Suggestive Thoughts by H.L. Fullerton

I Am Nightmare by Jennifer Gifford

Three Words by Nathan Hystad

The Marionettist by John A. Karr

Mechanical Love by Kin S. Law

iMurder by Josh Pachter

Creature of the Thaumatrope by Tony Pi

The Whipping Boy by Conor Powers-Smith

The Man Wore Motley by Stephen D. Rogers

The House by Steve Shrott

Catzized by Annette Siketa

Ghosts, Bigfoot and Free Lunches by Dan Stout

Blood and Silver Beneath the Many Moons by Brian Trent

Murder on the Cogsworthy Express by Cameron Trost

Chains of Command by Sylvia Spruck Wrigley and Ruth Nestvold