New Short Stories

Falcon Ridge Publishing is trying something new with my short stories. They’ve taken one that’s been available for a while (Jhyoti) and paired it with a new short story in the same universe (Jhyoti: Planetside). Then, since I actually had three short stories in the same universe, they’ve created two other pairings: Jhyoti: Planetside/Station OSCX-9 and Station OSCX-9/Jhyoti. Each pairing goes for the price of one short story, so that the reader gets a bonus story with each pair. Pretty cool.

Cadet Jhyoti sen Chandar is the lowest of the low, a bhoto, studying at the Alliance Academy on sufferance. When she stumbles across a high caste murderer, she will have to decide between justice for the poor dead woman, or survival.

Includes a bonus short story: JHYOTI: PLANETSIDE.

“… a rather traditional story—but very well done… it was quite satisfying.”—Rich Horton

Published by Falcon Ridge Publishing.

Jhyoti is available on Smashwords, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Sony, and Diesel. Coming soon to Kobo, and many other fine e-tailers.

Specialist Jhyoti sen Chandar, exoanthropologist on the Alliance ship Solar Wind, thought she had left behind the harsh caste system of her home planet. Unfortunately, it followed her aboard in the person of Engineer Parma sen Harpar: young, hostile and with a secret that will endanger both women. When they end up stranded on a planet with its own dangerous secret, they must confront not only the crippling legacy of the past, but their own future in the Alliance. But first, they must survive.

Includes a bonus short story: STATION OSCX-9.

Published by Falcon Ridge Publishing.

Jhyoti: Planetside is available on Smashwords, Amazon. Barnes and Noble, and Kobo. Coming soon to Sony, Diesel and many other fine e-tailers.

At the edge of explored space, Orbital Station CX-9 usually swarms with construction workers and bright lights. But when the shuttle Persephone arrives with Stokes and the relief crew, they find the station eerily empty and echoing with the strains of an ancient Earth opera.

Can Stokes figure out what happened before the Persephone suffers the same fate?

Includes a bonus short story: JHYOTI.

Published by Falcon Ridge Publishing.

Station OSCX-9 is available on Smashwords, Amazon and Kobo. Coming soon to Barnes and Noble, Sony, Diesel and many other fine e-tailers.